Located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains surrounded by the natural beauty of the lakes, rivers, majestic pine trees, and rivers of crystal clear water is La Pine, Oregon.  And located in La Pine is High Lakes Christian Church and their growing ministry.   As construction was yet to being, the team at High Lakes Christian Church had originally reached out to HOWAVL to convert the 2D drawings from the architect into 3D renderings and visualizations so that the congregation might have a better idea of what their new "gymatorium" will look like.   But after reviewing the initial plans it became obvious that the AVL systems were never designed, but rather ideas thrown together.  After discussing the details and options with the pastoral team for High Lakes Christian we signed a full design contract just before construction was to start, allowing our team the time to make important changes to the building itself.  As an independent design consultation firm, our job is to look at what the church has (technology wise), analyze what can be used, and provide the design of what is needed to fill in the gaps and make it all work together.  

It is important to know and understand the local building codes, one the general contractor should be well versed in.  We had originally suggested a drop-ceiling roof for easy access to cabling, wiring, and other access points---but due to the drastic temperatures and yearly snowfall amounts a fully finished gypsum ceiling was required to support the additional weight of added insulation.  This made the AVL design a critical piece of the the puzzle so that conduits and chases could be installed BEFORE insulation.  This not only makes the initial installation that much easier, but provides easy access to service of house lighting, hanging speakers, and lighting for many years to come. Things happen, especially when your worship space is also a basketball court.  This was especially appreciated by the integrator who completed the project, JB TECHNOLOGIES out of Bend, Oregon.  Partnering with HOWAVL for the systems design and an integrator local to the church allowed High Lakes Christian to obtain a properly designed and equipped facility that is serviced locally.


La Pine, Oregon