Vandalia, Ohio

After a powerful tornado ripped through the campus of New Life Church (Vandalia, Ohio), the church sanctuary was destroyed and required a re-build and contracted HOWAVL for our AVL engineering and consultation services.  We partnered with the CONNECTING SPACES (the architect) and MARKLAND PRODUCTIONS (the AVL Integrator) to provide a comprehensive plan that would deliver a future-proof system for their growing ministry and production needs.  Because HOWAVL was brought in during the design phase, we were able to voice concerns to the architect to make a few major changes that were in the best interest of the church including raising the roof an additional twenty-four inches.  Using our advanced 3D rendering programs, we were able to show visuals to the church leadership why this mattered.  Our scope of work included infrastructure design of all conduits for AVL wiring, structural and electrical loads, required electrical stub-outs, networking and distribution, audio and acoustics design, video design, stage lighting, and house lighting.