Whether talking about stage lighting or house lighting, nothing is as visual and drives an atmosphere of worship more than the the design and use of effective lighting.  Our creative process helps your ministry define its vision and turn it into stunning 3D visuals that everyone can understand, while we engineer the technical documents that your integrator of choice will understand. There is no such thing as a one-sized fits all solution.  Our designs are engineered and tailored to the desires of your ministry and customized to the exact requirements of the space your congregation worships in.   We don't just promise a stunning lighting design, we deliver it.


What is the most important technology within the sanctuary regardless of denomination or worship style?  That's a simple question to answer---it's the main overhead lights that illuminate the space, known as HOUSE LIGHTING. It's so important there are regulations and requirements in local building codes about how much coverage and how bright a space must be (displayed in foot candles).  From simple and effective lighting to a more modern design with the ability to change colors, we take all of the guess work out of the equation by presenting factual data of our analysis. While data is important to know the design is correct, our stunning 3D renderings and visuals put the data into a visual form that transforms your ministry into the actual space--YOUR space.


The common theme is ENGINEERED DESIGN, and with good reason.  Our process details the exact distance from the stage and height above the floor to determine the proper lighting angles, overlap of coverage, and lumens/foot candles of output for your standard lighting, IMAG, or broadcast needs.  And for those ministries wanting to add a little flare (or a lot of it), we do that too and leave nothing to question about the performance and coverage of your stage.  



"Today we celebrated the grand opening of our new worship facility. It is amazing what God can do in even a small, rural community like ours.  We are beyond grateful to the team at HOWAVL for their extensive design of our Audio, Video, Stage, and House Lighting systems.  Their expertise and guidance was invaluable through this process of not only equipping our new worship facility with the technology we needed, but they saved us thousands of dollars by not making the wrong decisions up front in the original building design."