Gathering information and data is important.  Building out the design is important.  And yes having all of the engineered drawings and lists of equipment are important.  But shouldn't you have a detailed view of what the new build-out or upgrade will look like?  Shouldn't this too be part of the detailed design process?  Our multi-step engineering process goes well beyond the world of 2D drawings, diagrams, and lists by transforming your space into a life-like 3D computer model.  The rendered visualizations produced by HOWAVL to your team(s) are stunning and realistic in every detail giving more than a glimpse of what the final product could and should look like.  This is especially important when building new construction where the only details provided by an architect are basic artist sketches of the building itself.  When the architect or general contractor hands the set of building plans to our team, what we deliver back in 3D is almost always the first (and only) visualizations of what your new worship space will look like.  We partner with everyone involved to learn as much about small details such as the color of carpet, pain on the walls, what kind of ceiling and what color, location of the doors, any windows, etc.