In May of 2019 the unthinkable happened--a powerful tornado had touched down in a town just outside of Cincinnati in Vandalia, Ohio completely destroying the sanctuary for NEW LIFE CHURCH.  It wasn't long afterwards the the congregation started to prepare for re-building of the sanctuary and hired MARKLAND PRODUCTIONS, a local AVL Integrator, who then in-turned hired HOWAVL for design services.  "Through devestation New Life Church had the opportunity to re-build a more modern sanctuary for many years to come, we had one chance to get it right.  Partnering with HOWAVL on this project proved invaluable", stated Stephan Markland of Markland Productions.  Our scope of work was to design and specify the conduit schedule for wiring, electrical loads, the Stage and House Lighting Systems, the Video Systems, assist on the Loudspeaker Design, and to provide 3D Visualization and Final Design Drawings and Plans.  However early on we discovered there was a significant problem with the height of the internal ceiling and partnered with the architect to raise the ceiling an additional two feet before construction began.

Precise and accurate documentation is everything, especially when dealing with general contracting and new construction.  Because HOWAVL was brought in early on to partner with the architect we were able to work together to develop a cohesive plan that didn't overlook basic infrastructure requirements, ultimately providing a smother and more cost-effective installation of the final AVL systems.