At LOVEJOY CHURCH, just outside of Buffalo (New York), had reached out to TSH AUDIO & VISUAL for a comprehensive Audio, Video, and Lighting solution for their main sanctuary.  TSH AUDIO & VISUAL sought-out the design expertise of our team at HOWAVL to take over the entire lighting design aspect for the AVL renovation in the sanctuary.  The original lighting design was never a design at all, but rather components and pieces that were thrown together over the years to project light towards the direction of the stage.  The distance of the main lighting truss was both too far from the stage and too low in height, causing blinding light directly into the eyes of those on stage.  The coverage was very inconsistant leaving areas with too much light while others had very little to no direct lighting at all.

The ministry at LOVEJOY CHURCH was going through a re-branding process, to make an even bolder statement of the ministry in their local and regional communities through media and outreach and to create a more immersive, yet intimate, worship experience through the use of technology.  The criteria of the lighting design was to eliminate the aging, failing incandescent fixtures with an all LED solution while providing perfect coverage and balance of key lighting.  Just as important was to provide lighting fixtures that would add color and creativity to enhance the visual senses.  We started the process by building a 3D model of their existing sanctuary, with exact dimensions of the stage, ceiling trim heights,  even placement of the worship band on the stage was used.  Using our advanced design applications we were able to determine not only the exact amount of lighting fixtures that were needed, but to provide lifelike visuals detailing exactly how the new stage lighting solution could look while allowing for future expansion and ease of operation.

HOWAVL's engineered solution for LOVEJOY CHURCH was to start with all new trussing and lighting bars to be installed with positions 15ft from the sides of the stage and 18ft in the center.  The installed trim height was 21ft from the floor to provide a 47-degree angle from the key lighting fixtures.  At the back of the stage, a series of Chauvet Trusst trusing was installed, in between the building support beams, at a heigh of roughly 12ft.  The key lighting was comprised of (15) Chauvet Ovation EW160 series fixtures.  Each was configured with warm-white and a 26-degree lens.  It's important to note the initial design was for (22) 19-degree versions, but due to the considerable lumen capacity we were able to save mone using (7) less fixtures with a wider lens without compromise without compromise.  In fact the 26-degree version of the Chauvet Ovation EW160 provides more than enough output even at 75% output.

Spread throughout the front and rear positions were an initial total of (29) Chauvet ColorDash ParQuad 18 RGBW color wash fixtures, (10) ROGUE R2X Spot moving-head fixtures, and (4) Chauvet Ovation FW-165 zoomable fresnels in warm white.  After the initial installation, thanks to to the forward-thinking design for further expansion, an additional truss was rigged above the center of the stage to add even more creative lighting elements to the worship experience!   Unlike incandescent lighting fixtures that receive power from real time voltage control, LED lights have their own built-in power and are often powered 24/7/365.  In some cases we've seen church tech ministries turn these fixtures on and off by throwing the main power breakers.  This is a HUGE NO NO in that,  over time, this practice can (and often does!)  severely damage the lighting fixture's sensitive electronics.  

In every lighting design at HOWAVL we resolve this issue by specifying a sequenced-power relay installed at the electrical panel.   With the security of a key and the touch of a button, the electrical circuits are powered up (in proper order) and powered down (in reverse order) with timed buffers to prevent electrical overloads.  Having such a system installed will add YEARS of life to the lighting products.  In the design and installation for LOVEJOY CHURCH, the team at TSH AUDIO & VISUAL installed a pair of the PDS-10 SEQUENCING RELAY PANELS from LYNTEC.  Control of the new stage lighting was designed around an inexpensive DELL desktop PC with (2) 24" 10-point touch displays, with the CHROMA-Q VISTA lighting software installed.  Although most details are controlled using the touch displays, a single M1 control surface provides dedicated hardware and (2) DMX outputs.  Distribution was provided by a pair of MADRIX LUNASPLIT10 DMX splitters.