After speaking with a handful of AVL contractors and unable to satisfactory receiving answers to their questions, VALLEY ASSEMBLY of SPOKANE reached out to HOWAVL and the rest is history.  Our services have been contracted to provide a comprehensive analysis of the entire AVL system including Acoustics, Loudspeakers, Stage Lighting, House Lighting, and all Video Systems online streaming.  Upon completing an on-site analysis it was quickly determined that what the current acoustical panels installed weren't actual acoustic panels at all.  We built an acoustics model showing the frequency performance issues of both the lack of proper acoustics control and an existing loudspeaker system that had many gaps in coverage.  Even with the difficult challenge of limited installation options due to a catwalk installed above the stage, we were able to engineer and deliver several acoustical and loudspeaker model options that will fully address the fix the existing audio issues.  A complete overhaul plan has also been established to update and modernize the audio system by adding (x16) channels of wireless microphones and (x8) channels of advanced wireless in-ear monitoring systems, a new 128-channel digital console on a full DANTE network, and all new infrastructure for routing and patching audio.